Mining expansion leaves Florence community uneasy

Arizona’s economy has been built historically on the 5 c’s: cotton, citrus, cattle, climate and copper.

The state’s mining industry – Arizona makes up 65 percent of copper production in the United States – employs about 11,000 people and generates thousands of jobs in connected industries. But the industry has been battling permitting issues and environmental concerns, especially in Florence, where residents have been working for eight years to block a copper mine.

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Personal connections rule – and other lessons from the Cronkite School’s first journalism crowdfunding campaign

When you think of crowdfunding, journalism may not immediately come to mind. Yet Pew Research Center reports a ready increase in journalism campaigns on Kickstarter, to a total of more than 4,000 as of December 2016. Clearly, as news organizations struggle to find new revenue models in the digital age, more are turning to crowdfunding.

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CW6 YourPhx.com

Facebook Hires Its First Blind Engineer

Matt King is Facebook’s first blind engineer. His job will be to make sure the social network works better for the visually impaired.

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New Facebook Technologies Being Tested in Arizona

Facebook reps confirm that they have successfully tested out drones in Arizona. The social media site verifies they tested an Aquila model drone at the Yuma Proving Ground in Yuma, Ariz.

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ASU News

ASU audiology students mend hearing, change lives in Malawi

When Arizona State University audiology professor Ingrid McBride first met 7-year-old Emma on a trip to Malawi, the little girl was unable to say her name.

McBride fit Emma with hearing aids and then a student taught her to sign her name in sign language. Emma then went around the room signing and saying her name with very deaf speech. In McBride’s successive trips to Malawi, she has seen Emma’s speech change dramatically.

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Treating diabetes one meal at a time

Recent estimates project that as many as one in three American adults will have diabetes in 2050. The American Diabetes Association observes November as American Diabetes Month, and this year’s theme is America Gets Cooking to Stop Diabetes.

Two professors from the School of Nutrition & Health Promotion at Arizona State University have studied how changing your diet can help manage the effects of diabetes.

ASU’s nutrition program: 100 years in the making

Walk through the glass doors of Arizona State University’s Kitchen Café and you will find a sleek, modern kitchen staffed by ASU nutrition majors. This is a far cry from a time when students sat at wooden desks, wrote on chalkboards and used miniature gas stoves to cook, which is exactly what ASU’s nutrition program looked like when it began in 1909.

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Downtown Devil

Explore the world of pop art with Phoenix Art Museum’s new Warhol exhibit, coming March 4

Before we had social media and reality television to keep up with our favorite celebrities, there was Andy Warhol. Starting March 4, some of Warhol’s most colorful and iconic celebrity portraits will be showcased in the Andy Warhol: Portraits exhibit at the Phoenix Art Museum.

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Adaptive reuse projects seek to improve economic development

Developers, real estate agents and business owners gathered at the Playhouse on the Park auditorium in Midtown’s Viad Corporate Center Tuesday evening to discuss adaptive reuse and infill in downtown Phoenix.

Local First Arizona and the city of Phoenix hosted the discussion for people who are new to the adaptive reuse game as well as those already involved in hopes the two groups would come together and start a conversation about what could be done.

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Local artists create children’s book of poetry based off paintings, process of inspiration

Local artist Michele Bledsoe always knew she wanted to create a children’s book. And this year, she finally did.

With help from her husband, artist Richard Bledsoe, Michele created “The Secret Kingdom,” a children’s book based off her artwork that incorporates poems she and her husband wrote.

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