ASU Students Table for Civic Engagement

Taylor Mall of Arizona State University’s Downtown campus is usually filled with students, but today something was different. Among the students studying and different clubs tabling were two students from the College of Public Programs registering students to vote.


Vote Everywhere Ambassadors Emily Barney and Gabriella Lion have registered 53 students to vote for the upcoming election.

Emily Barney and Gabrielle Lion are Vote Everywhere Ambassadors with the Andrew Goodman Foundation. According to their website, the foundation uses community organization and technological tools to engage individuals in creating a social impact.

“It’s important that students know what effects them and that they have a lot of power to like make decisions through their vote,” said Lions. “We have the power to make change through our vote.”

Both students became involved with the foundation through the College of Public Programs. Lion, an urban and metropolitan studies major, had a professor tell her about the opportunity. She was interviewed by strategic initiatives department of the college and then chosen for the position.


As students in ASU’s College of Public Programs, both Lion and Barney are interested in letting students know that “your vote is your voice.”

Barney works in the college’s dean’s office and one of her coworkers suggested the opportunity to her.

“I’m a total political nerd,” she said. “One of the ladies I work with was like, ‘Oh! You should do this, this looks really fun.'”

She told Barney that the ambassador position had to do with civic engagement with college students by getting them to vote and become more civically aware. Barney says after that pitch she just had to do it.

The ambassadors also tabled at Civic Action Night, where candidates for Arizona Secretary of State debated. ASU associate professor David Garcia was on hand at the event to discuss his campaign for Arizona Superintendent of Public Instruction.


Barney and Lion gave out stickers to those who registered and had them fill out flyers to keep track of their registration numbers.

On National Voter Registration Day the students were able to register 53 people to vote, the most they have gotten so far.


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